Thursday, September 22, 2011

List of possible student-instructors for all Phi 2010 classes

As we know, philosophy is not an easy subject. Some of you have approached me asking if I can recommend a way to study to better prepare for my exams. I think you have the best answers. So, after the results of the quiz, I'd like to present a list of students that can serve as instructors. This doesn't mean they are the only ones, only that they have shown a certain skill, which I think they can share with the class. If you have questions, now you know where to go.

Phi 2010 T,R 9:50am:
Celia Taylor (Philosophy Club President)
Sean McDougall
Sasha Philius
Christine Erice
Randy Armas
Carina Llobet
Alicia Gonzalez
Hector Torranzos
Nancy Narvaez

Phi 2010 MWF, 9am
Susan Guerra
Tania Joseph
Michael Harrington
Andrew Davis
Cristopher Craven
Prince Vargas
Reinel Castaneira
Arlin Fagundo
Luigi Forvil
Hector Torranzos

Phi 2010 MWF, 11am
Michelle Palomo
Khalid Saleh
Angela St. Fleur
Patricia Rodriguez
Leon Pierre
Karina Saenz
Michael Toussaint
Cristina Martinez
Karina Cabrera
Carlos Mena

Phi 2010 T, 5:40pm
Robert Brown
Alan Cardero
Romell McLeod
Alexandra Acevedo
Victor Pedrosa
Yasmani Leyva
Kammie Whitaker
Juliana Bocanegra