Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I need student assistants. Become one!

My dear PHI 2010 classes,

Anyone can become a student-assistant.

What does it take to be one?

1. very good grades A and B+
2. very good attendance
3. sit in the front rows (just kidding), but be of a "front row attitude"
4. do HW and assignments
5. have a talent for leadership (you have it in you to help other classmates)

1.-5. is referred to as leadership = excellent student behavior 

The role of a student-assistant is to be a role model and help students in need.

What's the reward?

Well, one does service for its own sake, but there are objective results:  

Respect, admiration and gratitude of students and teachers,
My total support of your efforts, X-points, letters of recommendation, and my gratitude.