Thursday, October 3, 2013

do you keep up with your brain? (a good idea for a change in major)

we've been discussing the importance of the study of the brain.

1- neuroinformatics: with this model: 
a) the development of tools and databases for management and sharing of neuroscience data at all levels of analysis 
b) the development of tools for analyzing and modeling neuroscience data, 
c) the development of computational models of the nervous system and neural processes.

2- computational neuroscience (for those of you with an interest in CS), this is a future mother of a science combining the diverse fields of neurosciencecognitive science, and psychology with electrical engineeringcomputer sciencemathematics, physics. wow!

3- if you are interested in the medical angle of the neural sciences, there's neurology, which specializes in the disorders of the nervous system.