Monday, September 22, 2014

a sample of a paper proposal (try to follow the portions in color)

Your proposal has 4 elements:

1- Heading, to the left which has: name, course & time, paper proposal.
2- Title, center. 
3- Content. The content has your argument a brief description of the defense and the counterargument.
4- References: It's early, but this is a start. Remember that your paper is as good as the references you provide. Usa Wikipedia to find out sources, but do not cite Wikipedia.

(All should be written in Roman New Times p. 12). 


John Doe
PHI 2010
T, R 9:50am class
Paper Proposal

Factory Farming: Why Animals deserve a better treatment 

In this paper I discuss why current practices of animal farming are wrong. I object to the wide-spread intensive practices we find today in America's Big  Farm Conglomerates. In the paper, I discuss some of the most objectionable practices:

1- Animal restriction or prevention of normal exercise and most of natural foraging. 2- Restriction or prevention of natural maternal nesting behaviour. 3- Lack of daylight or fresh air and poor air quality in animal sheds. 4- Social stress and injuries caused by overcrowding. 5-  Health problems caused by extreme selective breeding and management for fast growth and high productivity. 6- Fast-spreading infections encouraged by crowding and stress in intensive conditions.

I argue against a counter that  1- factory farming practices are the result of a normal process of industrialization and 2- that modifying these practices will only make animal products more expensive. I'll try to demonstrate that the price we pay in terms of pollution to the environment, the spread of epidemics like mad cow disease. 


All references should follow MLA protocol. Below find the general and Internet citation protocols:  

References in general MLA protocols.
MLA Internet references protocols.

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