Sunday, October 4, 2015

topics, philosophy paper

fast food (this important topic is at the intersection of public health, food production and public policy, i.e., the impact of globalization and cheap homogeneous food and the coming back of artisanal food, regional cuisine, farming, promoting taste as well as the organic food movement).

factory farms (generally little appreciated, this topic takes an ecological and human/animal dimension: the link between animal-processed foods & ecological degradation, all tied to the still obscure field of animal ethics).

same-sex marriage (one of the hottest social topics being discussed right now in america, at the intersection of personal vs. religious freedom, secularism, legislation, homosexuality, human rights, cultural consensus, etc).

government surveillance (a global problem intersecting, civil rights, policy, new technologies, power excess, international relations, corporate neutrality).

rule of law (after trump's inauguration and the succession of executive orders, this point becomes a new theme).

social media & culture (privacy issues, information overload, cyber bullying, fake news, etc).

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