Saturday, March 7, 2015

3 reviews for midterm exam, monday, march 9, one review tuesday, march 10

monday, 9 two reviews by four student assistants.

at 10am, conducted by derlin martinez & taga turnier @ idea center, building 2, third floor.

at noon, conducted by christopher acevedo @ idea center, building 2, third floor.

at 2:30 pm. conducted by jeronimo martinez @ building 1, library. 

tuesday 10 (for tuesday 5:40pm class)

at 3pm conducted by anthony prats & julia wirmola @ building 2, 3rd floor (computer courtyard)


Anonymous said...

hey professor i don't know your email so i'm leaving a comment here asking when is the 2 page discussion paper due for T/TR 11:15AM classes?

Alfredo Triff said...

which discussion?

atRifF said...

oh, the discussion, it should be due next week.