Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Plagiarism & how to fight it (2)

In order to finish your assignment quickly, you may feel tempted to just copy and paste info. Don't do it. I will detect the copy&edited text and send back immediately along with a warning. Save yourself the embarrassment.

What is plagiarism? Using ideas, words, or a product without crediting the original source.
Passing off someone else's ideas, words, or product as your own.
Presenting as new an idea or product created by someone else.

More bluntly? Plagiarism is conceptual theft and it goes against the US Copyright law and the USFSP Code of Conduct.

How can you avoid plagiarism? Just cite where you got your information.

As you do your research, keep track of the books, articles, and other resources that you consult WHILE you are doing your research. This will save you time from having to track down where you originally found your information for your Reference List. For each source keep a list of the following information:

For a Book
Author, Book Title, Place of Publication, Publisher, and Date of Publication 

For an Article
Author, Article Title, Journal Title, Volume Number, Issue Number, Page Numbers, Year of Publication, and the date of when you viewed the article

For a Webpage
Author, Web Page Title, the URL (website address), and the Date (when you viewed the webpage).

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