Wednesday, April 1, 2015

we're undone by each other, and if we're not, we're missing something

the above phrase is from judith butler's undoing gender: 
I might try to tell a story about what I am feeling, but it would have to be a story in which the very "I" who seeks to tell the story is stopped in the midst of the telling. The "I" is called into question by its relation to the one to whom I address myself. This relation to the Other does not precisely ruin my story or reduce me to speechlessness, but it does, invariably, clutter my speech with signs of its undoing.
how well said! butler is an expert in gender. what's interesting about the paragraph above is that in this exploration of the "I" as she calls it, you are positioning yourself as another. you are you, that's obvious, but you are --in a sense-- more (or less?) than you, when you address this past self.

how does it feel visiting that past slice of you? is she/he/it friendly, safe? is she/he/it hostile, alien?

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