Wednesday, November 4, 2015

regarding personal identity...........

becoming nicole: the story of a transgender young woman... 
When Wayne and Kelly Maines adopted identical twin boys, Jonas and Wyatt, at birth in 1997, they were thrilled at the idea of having two sons. For a while, it was virtually impossible to tell the boys apart. But as they grew older, one child, Wyatt, started insisting that he was a girl.
"the secret lies within"... check identity, it's good and it's right in the midst of our topic! 

another movie about identity is a history of violence (this one is really good!) this reminds us of the robert/frank dichotomy. we'll talk about this in class soon.

transcendence (with Johnny Depp) this movie brings up the question of the difference between human and artificial intelligence. as you know i don't believe AI and HI are necessarily isomorphic. i.e., if we apply nagel's reasoning, the difference between AI and HI is qualia discrete, only bridged by a cyborg unit, and even then, one could make the argument that a cyborg it's not strictly "artificial."  

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