Tuesday, January 5, 2016

if you need a math and physics (even chemistry!) tutor

My ex student Eugenio Santamaría is available for help!
He's good (got an A in my class). Use him (tell him I sent you).

Mathematics: MAT1033 (Intermediate Algebra), MAC1105 (College Algebra), MAC1147 (Precalculus and Trigonometry), MAC2311 (Calculus 1), MAC2312 (Calculus 2), MAC2313 (Calculus 3), MAS2103 (Elementary Linear Algebra) and courses below MAT1033, Chemistry: CHM1025 (Intro to Chemistry), CHM1045 (General Chemistry 1), CHM1046 (General Chemistry 2) Physics: PHY1025 (Basic Physics), PHY2048 (Physics 1 with Calculus).

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