Friday, December 17, 2010

Many thanks, pleasant journey!

My dear ones: It was a real pleasure to have all of you in my class!  

Vivre la philosophie!



Leandro said...

Sir, i really enjoyed your class and i feel i have learned a lot about life in general. My conversations with people has definitely been a deeper one thanks to philosophy. it's all about the counter arguments!
Knowledge is JTB! =)

joya said...

Well we finally came to an end. I've never read a text book from the beginning to the end. In ATLANTA we have a quarter system which last all of 3 month, which makes it impossible to complete the material in the entire text. However, the semester system here lasting almost 5 monhts is exalting. Yet I've learned more here at Miami Dade College than any college I've ever been to. What made it even easier to get thur was you. You were serious, yet funny and interesting. You kept the class informed on what they should expect from you and what you expected from us. You were very clear about that. Fear made me study and read in the beginning, then I was proud of myself for you confidence in me, then I wanted to know more. I feel well rounded with my new information. Thank you for teaching me. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

patrick said...

It was a beautiful and amazing experience the PHI2010 MWF 8-9 AM Class. Mornings were more interesting than the others. Make it easier for us. We thank you! Some images, courses and faces are still stored into my hard disk brain. I hope one day we can have a philosophy discussion in french. Mon cher ami, tu es unique dans ton genre à MDC, Wolfson Campus!
Happy New Year and Good Luck for all my classmates! Keep your dream alive!

John said...

Hey Triff. At first I didnt know what to expect. Towards the end I felt it was the best decision to join your class. Youre the best!
Take care and see you around.