Thursday, December 2, 2010

MWF 10am


Anonymous said...

The Wiki leaks situation seems like the perfect situation for this country. Sure their might be some penalties from exposing our secrets, but what if wiki leaks not only exposed US secrets but secrets of every country. We would indeed eliminate hidden agendas and have total political transparency. It would be a situation that would cause politcs to shift into a direction where they would have to create criteria’s that make citizens happy. We the people have finally awoken to realize that polotics isn’t everything we thought it was and now we can reveal into a representation with us the people in mind. Thank God for wiki-leaks.
miguel ramos

mcozart said...

Do we need to know everything that's going on with our country? Absolutely,we need to be aware of what's going on in our government (good or bad). Our government should be willing to advise us of the ills at our back door. Yes, somethings maybe hard to swallow, but advise us of these things and allow us to chance to make necessary changes that would help benefit our society. Sure,every country wants to hold on to secrets. If we are left ignorant, how can we protect our interest. What ever happened to "We, The People"?

Michelle Quintana said...

With all the moral depravity and selfish acts in the world it is surely not surprising to discover that the secrets and actions unbeknownst to the country’s citizenry have been publicly exposed. I find it quite comical that an organization that actually ‘leaks’ information of the government in a manner in which leaves them shocked and in disbelief that their sacred secrets are not really confidential nor in any means secured. I suspect that organizations similar to wikileaks are utterly opposed and despised for their purpose is to expose the one thing that a powerful constitution fights to keep preserved and unknown to others- that being the truth. I do believe that the First Amendment of the constitution guarantees freedom of expression to express anything one desires to publicize to the public. Therefore, wikileaks should not be punished nor utterly obliterated for they are simply expressing their thoughts and opinions about a government whom the majority of the masses should obey, respect, and confide in. But many times things are not what they seem thus, what the majority of the masses might be confiding in is really a phony government run by selfish ignorant egos. I think that wikileaks works as an asset to help the public awaken and realize that they shouldn’t be too certain in putting all of their trust in a government that is capable of manipulating the masses. They are professionals in informing the public only on the information that they want to hear leaving other matters in secret. Whether wikileaks is lying or saying the truth what matters is that they are making people cynical about the so called loyal bureaucracy…

Danescience said...

The idea of wiki-leaks being a "terrorist organization" is absurd.
That statement is blatantly centered on fear and in connecting our sensitivity to the word "terrorist" with the Middle East, 9/11, amorality, and sadism. The supporters of this misnomer of wiki-leaks want to sound stern and paternalistic, they don't want a threat to get the best of them , or of their country, or of how they view themselves in society.
A terrorist contrives falsities out of truths, adheres to fanatical views (political, religious...), and has a very deep sociopathic streak which allows him/her to hurt in means of promoting TERROR and an agenda.
Wiki-leaks agenda of advancing freedom of the press and freedom of information was definitely promoted thru the leaks, but that was the extent of its agenda.
Wiki-leaks is not a fundamentalist political party, it is a resource for whistle blowers who MAY have an agenda. Who those whistle blowers are is a different issue, what type of punishment should be handed to them is also a separate issue from Wiki-leaks.
Nice AMERICAN FACT OF THE DAY: MasterCard and VIsa have denounced Wiki-leaks and have stopped processing donations given to the site. YET you can still use your Visa/ MasterCard to donate to the KKK (REAL HISTORICALLY VERIFIED TERRORIST ORGANIZATION).
POLITICS IS BUSINESS, AND BUSINESS IS DEFINITELY ADDING TO CENSORSHIP. Thank you MasterCard, Thank you Visa. You are priceless, indeed.

Maria said...

I basically think there is no problem with wikileaks. Yes there is freedom of speech , but isn't there a limit on what we are allowed and what we should expose? Let's be smart about this.. The Internet shows everyone everything , all around the world, if we expose something so secret that the government is hiding then not only will we know about it, but the whole world will know. Like the documents that wre released exposing the attack on iran. Wikileaks = not bad but should be careful as to what they expose.