Monday, November 7, 2011

How are you doing in my class?

There are ways to know how you're doing in my class. You could go by the average from our two tests so far: (q means quizz, mt = midterm). If you add "A" for good attendance and non-tardiness and "P" for posts and you have the following:

Cq---Dmt = C- & A+P  = C+
Cq---Cmt = C & A+P = B-
Cq---Bmt = C+ or B- & A+P = B

Two B's is a B+
Bq---Amt = B+ & A+P = A-
Aq---Bmt = B+ & same as above

Add to this attendance, tardiness ratio, participation and blog posts. You know how you are attendance-wise because I always bring up the subject (some of you have been dropped and reinstated). I've said that having more than 3 unjustified absences may have an impact on your final grade.

To the oft-asked question "can I get an A in this course?" I always say, "You can."

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