Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Philosophical provocations

*human existence questions (nature of.., meaning of…, value of ….) how the world be without me?
*the mind (nature of thought, consciousness, ….) is my mind mine alone?
*religion (theism, mysticism, supernaturalism, biblical study and criticism) ---> mortality (what's the meaning of death?) if God exists, am I God?
*nature and function of the natural sciences (human vs. natural sciences) if humans do the thinking, what's natural, what's human?
*nature of mathematics (quantity, structure, space, change) if numbers can sequence to infinity, where is the sequence?
*metaphysics: the study of being and the world:  
*scope of human knowledge (Epistemology, Psychology): is knowledge finite, and if so what's the limit? (the idea being we don't produce more knowledge, merely recycle it).
*truth vs. reality (if all that's real is true, is there something false?)
*logic, linguistic clarity, metaphor and the uses of language: what's the difference between "logical" and "illogical"?
*importance of evolutionary sciences: biology, anthropology, psychology. once we accept the possibility of evolution, into what are we evolving?
*relevance of theories in contemporary physics and cosmology (physics is the discipline that studies matter and its motion through space-time). when does a theory get old?
*moral values and behavior (also called Ethics): if something is right in the present, is it right forever?
*noösphere: culture, politics, history, economics, governmental policies, etc. what does culture do to human beings?