Tuesday, February 7, 2012

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Carlos Arbucias said...

Alright. This one is about Same sex marriage.

I have to say that I do not support same sex marriage but I am not against it either. To be honest, I am very neutral about it and respect such decision that anyone makes regarding such marriage. Same sex marriage has become an issue in political and religious terms. But in my honest opinion, politics should not be involved in these kinds of issues because anyone has a choice to love the person and walk the path they desire or to even show the affection to the person they love (regardless of gender). A lot of people have thought about homosexuality being an immoral behavior. There are also countries that do not tolerate such relationship up to the point in where they want to eliminate them by killing them. But yet I have noticed a lot of homosexuals who crave for attention but it is all based on their past which would depend on their past actions or experiences.

Anonymous said...

But yet I have noticed a lot of homosexuals who crave for attention but it is all based on their past which would depend on their past actions or experiences.

what do you mean?

Maria A.Martinez said...

There are several aspects that people should be considering before arguing about same sex-marriage in this society. Since, history have taught us that a man and a woman should be together in union, many people are in disagree with same sex couples together. I believe as human beings we have the rights to decide what is better for our lives. I personally was confused by the fact the two people from the same are together or get marry.But, I realized that people have the rights to be free and express their own ideas. As this article mentioned above, gay couples have the same desires in life as the straight couple.

Also, there is a bigger problematic when it comes to religious groups point of views. Catholic churches and many others do not accept that people from the same sex get marry in the church because for them is against the religion. In my opinion, as human beings people should have the freedom to express their feelings and do what is best for them.

Andy Westbrook said...

Part 1, Gay people deserve the same rights as straight people. When you deny them their right to marry a person of their choosing, you are denying them their right to pursue happiness, start a family, and live a free life where they can prosper and be happy. It seems pretty clear that this is a violation of their constitutional rights. However, I don’t think this is the real issue on why people are so against gay marriage. I think the attitude towards homosexuals in this country is down right ridiculous. I’ve seen some words in other posts such as “abomination”, or “morally wrong”, and the ultimate Swiss stance, “I don’t support gay marriage, but I’m not against it”. What does that even mean? Peoples stance on gay marriage in this country runs deep into our fundamental beliefs about the type of people we are, what we stand for, or do not stand for. I get that our country was founded on deep rooted principles and ideologies, and these basic beliefs were way ahead of their time when they were thought up and written into law. As a society we are constantly evolving as new knowledge comes to us, we don’t think the way we did a few centuries ago, we’ve evolved with time. Like us, the constitution is a living document that needs to evolve with the times so it can keep pace with us as we move into the future.
I’m very anti religion, I don’t believe in fairy tail stories written how ever many years ago, by men, and allow these beliefs to be a guide for how I live my life in todays world. It’s baffling at how freaked out religious conservatives are by gay people. I’ve never seen a more terrified group of people. To think that in todays world we still have people living in the stones ages, that their kids can become infected by gay people and turn gay, or that you can cure yourself of being gay by receiving spiritual counseling. What I’ve never understood about religion is that if you think something is immoral or against “Gods Law”, why do you have to force your opinions upon the people who do not believe in the same thing that you do? Isn’t not practicing it enough for you? How or why would two gay men getting married affect your life? Is it because you would then have to have an uncomfortable conversation with your kids and explain to them that homosexual people live among us? It would have absolutely zero affect on my life. I like to hear and learn about religion in a sense of story or ideas, but for the life of me I can’t see any point in wanting to live your life by some book or code that was created thousands of years ago and this is right, this is wrong nonsense, and if you do this then your are going to heaven or hell. I believe it’s all a load of crap.

Andy Westbrook said...

Part 2, I believe that people who think this way are as different from me as sunlight is to moonlight, we are fundamentally different in our views of the world. I think that back in the day religion and the idea of a higher power were created by people so that we would not feel so alone in the universe, that there has to be something else besides all this.
I’m finding this a difficult post to comment on, because it’s easy to say whether you’re for something or against it, for me it’s hard to understand why people are against this. When someone tells me that they are against gay marriage because homosexuality is a sin, then I want to shoot myself. I can’t even comprehend what that means, what’s a sin? What’s gods law? Isn’t the bible just made up stories anyway by a group of men back in the day? All this means nothing to me in the modern day world. I can’t believe that “god” is sitting up there supporting “The God Hates Fags” people of the Westboro Baptist Church. I think that “god” would appreciate any little slice of happiness that any two people can carve out in this world for themselves and be a positive contributor to society by making it a better place, instead of always trying to limit people on what they can and cannot do in Gods name.
At the end of the day I believe that gay marriage will be legal in this country because as with most cases, the common sense views of this country triumph in the end. As with our founders declaring us independent from the British, the abolishment of slavery, the right for a woman to have an abortion, and soon hopefully gay marriage for all of those who seek it. This country was founded on freedom, freedom that all men are created equal, it should read all people, and that we all have a natural right to pursue happiness. As for the bible thumpers, the religious nuts, and Jesus freaks alike, I say believe all that you want to believe, what ever gets you through the day, but don’t judge or infringe upon my rights or the persons next to me because it differs from what you think is right or wrong. I have much sympathy for gay people in todays life, they are hated by some many people in the world, ignorant people mostly, but I support them in their fight for equal rights.
Some Quotes:

“Gay people got a right to be as miserable as everybody else.”
Chris Rock

“I was against gay marriage until I realized I didn't have to get one.”
James Carville

“Let's make a law that gay people can have birthdays, but straight people get more cake - you know, to send the right message to kids.”
Bill Maher

“I think that gay marriage should be between a man and a woman.”
Arnold Schwarzenegger

Jerron Feaster said...

Speed limits are implemented to control the operating speed of automobiles, and to increase safety; those who don’t drive have no obligation to adhere to these laws. The “Click-it or Ticket” law was enforced to increase the safety of individuals within a moving automobile; again, those who don’t drive have no obligation to adhere to this law. Ultimately meaning, anyone who has no obligation to obey a law, has no reason for concern towards it—the law doesn’t pertain to him or her.
It seems one thing, which has given Proposition 8 its power, is the American citizen’s who oppose same-sex marriage because of individual morals and beliefs. But, like the examples presented above, if citizens who support Prop 8 can’t present purpose for their concern, other than individual and moral beliefs, they have no obligation towards the rights of gay men and women.
Then again, some American citizens are convinced they have right to control the rights of others—no matter the personal involvement is non-existent. This is evident in the photos posted with the topic.

And then there’s the government and their political concerns. Courts and commentators of same-sex marriage present an idea of why the state will not allow same sex couples to marry; ideas like: interests, care and preservation of the next generation—yeah, this makes perfect sense… God forbid America has children raised separate from their biological parents, or two people of the same sex raise a child. Remove these ideas of concern for future generations, that’s just plain bullshit. We all know this isn’t a valid reason. Parents, other than biological ones, have raised children in this country for over a century now. Same thing with children raised by two people of the same sex, within the same home—nothing new also. It goes way deeper than the purposes presented by these pompous bigots.
American government is, and has always been, concerned with its social status in today’s world. Any little inclination that America is conforming to things, like gay rights, is assumed interpreted as weakness—it’s all about power and stature. American government would rather ignore civil rights and display a less “free” country by not allowing same-sex marriage, than to provide equal rights for gays and display a more “free” country.
Want to know something? It hasn’t been about the “people” since Kennedy.

Daniel Saturno said...

The strongest point that I currently have regarding this topic, although it may sound quite naive, it is the one I hold on to when it comes to same sex marriage: I really think that religion must not get in the way when it comes to political decisions. I mean, religious people must open their eyes and realize that (1) they are defending something based upon mere faith, (2) since it is all about faith, there are obviously many different religions. The best thing to do is to respect everybody’s religion by letting these people practice whichever religion they want to practice, but without letting this affect the lives of others! If you’re a catholic–for example– you don’t have to be imposing your catholic beliefs upon other people regardless of their religion; that is a disrespectful, reckless, morally wrong, ignorant thing to do.
And as for my point of view, I am absolutely in favor of same sex marriage. I see no difference between homosexuals and heterosexuals when it comes to their rights.
We are all the same. It’s been about 50,000 years since humans reached behavioral modernity, I think it is time for people to act like it and face this reality already.

Brittany Lamb said...

I am not for or against same sex marriage but what I do believe is that everyone should respect every human being the same way and not discriminate against them because they are gay, bisexual or lesbian. Everyone is human and everyone has feelings. If at the end of the day that is what will make them happy then why should we stop them for getting married? I have a couple of friends that date people of the same sex and I get along perfectly fine with them. It is always going to be what you make of every situation in life.

danny giraldo said...

Same sex marriage is a very controversial topic that has been discussed for years. I mean just 50 years ago homosexuals would get arrested for being homosexual. We see politicians who are very conservative and are against gay marriages. Then we end up seeing these same conservative politicians in the news being caught having an affair with someone of the same sex. When it comes to same sex marriage my opinion is that government and religion should never get in the way. Some decisions should be left to the individual. If the individual is gay the individual should have the right to get married if he chooses to. This goes for the lesbians as well.
In most religions we find that being gay or lesbian is a sin. For example we can find in the bible where it states that being homosexual is just out of the questions like in this section. "You shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female; it is an abomination." Also we have this very famous sentence that I am guessing we all have heard. Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness" is a well-known phrase in the United States Declaration of Independence. So if someone’s happiness is getting married to the same sex. Why should we be against this individuals pursuit of happiness.

Elaine Reinoso said...

In my opinion same sex marriage should be alowed in the US. Why? Well because we are all equal and no man or woman should be restrained from doing something that will bind their love for another same sex human. In the topic it states "Those who have a greater personal stake in the institution of marriage perhaps feel a greater need to "protect" marriage from "the threat" of gay marriage. " Protect marriage from what? If different sex marriage is allowed and yet still people get divorced, cheat on each other, some forced to marry, marry just for money, why not give homosexuals a chance to be happy? If heterosexuals marry and at times divorce and aren't happy, why take that privilege or right to a couple that will be happy together. Other people have no right to tell anyone else gay or lesbian what to do and what not to do. Homosexuality has been in this world long enough, just like many other things people do not agree with.
In this world there are sick people who abuse, rape, kidnap, torture, kill other humans and animals. Same sex marriage doesn't kill or torture other people. As an individual its up to you to let things hurt you, if not letting two people love, then it might just be that you yourself aren't happy and need to fight for two peoples' happiness because your not loved. Homosexuality is such a tabu, its been going on and it will never go away. So how does the government expect to stop it? They can't. I bet there are plenty of gays and lesbians in the government but yet there too scared to say. Months ago I saw this video that really caught my attention, same sex marriage has no affect on this person. Zach Wahls:

More over, yes some say same sex marriage can affect a child psychologically, but then again it might not like Zach. There are families whose children are psychologically damaged by parents who are not same sex, so we cant sit here and blame this on same sex marriage. The affect on a child is base on how you raise them, no one has the right to blame or judge anyone by their sexual preference.

Minggui Yactayo said...

Homosexuality wasn’t always rejected or frowned upon by people. In our great philosopher, Socrates’ time: Ancient Greece, homosexuality was part of their everyday culture. It was useful for military reasons, love and respect for each other, and essentially life itself. Today, many stick to their own belief of aspects like gods or reputation to blind themselves against homosexuality. Truthfully speaking, I earnestly don’t see why many are against same-sex marriages. They have the right to whatever pleases them as much as we do. Their sexual orientation choosing does not make them in any condition inferior to everyone else in the planet. How can we even put this to a vote? Deciding and ruling over people’s rights to happiness? To love? Maybe it isn’t our intention to ruin and destroy others’ hope to be accepted, but the mob-minded individuals among us seem to just repeat the same words once said by their parents or peers. Those words eventually transform into actions devastating one’s existence. If they want to make it official and marry or just “hook up”, homosexuals should have every right to do so just as much as everyone else.

Daniel Acero said...

Personally I think that all individuals have the same rights and therefore should all be treated equally. I think that although is not human nature to have a men and a men be married, it does not make it wrong. The only concern I have with gay couples is those that wish to adopt and or have children. Bullying is already a big problem in the United States and growing up with an unconventional family such as a gay couple will only makes things much more difficult for those children whose parents are gay. Additionally children need both a father and mother figure, many children have psychological problems when one of their parents is missing and have needs that are left unfulfilled which lead them into drugs or unhealthy relationships. It is not in human nature to have two father or two mothers and even if they have their best intentions at heart, their children will be missing on side or the other.

Besides the children, I think your sexual orientation is up to one’s choice and nature and not matter how many laws they put it’s not going to change your personal choice. I don’t think who you marry should be determined by politics or religion; it is unconstitutional and goes against everything this country has fought for in years. I don’t personally believe or follow religion and/or politics. I think it actually separates people and put us in categories which can always create a sense of inequality on society.
The U.S is evolving and being more open minded to new ideas and legal issues that other countries already follow like Canada, Spain, and Netherlands. So I wouldn’t worry too much. I actually feel bad for the people that spend so much time fighting against it. I wonder if it actually helps. I honestly think they are wasting their time. I would rather spend that time getting used to the idea that gay marriage one day it will be legal.

People can’t stop evolution, no matter how hard you try. Being open to new ideas, I belief difference in opinions is all part of evolution.

Dianedcb2011 said...

I can't say that I really have an exact answer whether I support or disapprove of same sex marriages. On one hand in my opinion being homosexual is not a choice. Its how you feel, and what we feel we cannot control. It might have something to do with the culture of our communities. More and more people are realizing they have the freedom to be open with their sexuality. Many people may disapprove same sex marriages and it has a lot to do with religious reasons. I’m not religious nor do I know much about religion but one thing is for sure is that we only get to live one life here in this world. I support living this one life we have to the fullest and however one may prefer. On the other hand i think of the future and what same sex marriages will do to our societies. More and more families will consist of two mothers or two fathers so our children will be raised without a balance. One child will never know how it feels to have a father or vise versa. People may refer to homosexuality as immoral or going against God but what some fail to understand is if you believe God made man. God made man and woman including all of our faults strengths and weaknesses. So if you think about it God made straight men and woman as well as homosexuals. Being homosexual is merely your sexual preference. So why is that anyone else's business but you and your partner. I am neither for nor against same sex marriages. Although I do stand behind individual freedom and ones right to life, love and happiness. With that being said, let majority rule.

jose Vidal said...

For me this topic is very simple, marriage is considered a civil liberty that people no matter their religion, or lack there off can enjoy. Marriages provides legal benefits, that every couple no matter their sexual preferences should enjoy. if people where to stand back and read on the all the legal benefits that gay couples are not able to enjoy, starting from the most basics like being able to file a joint tax return, up to being able to make medical decisions on behalf of your spouse, they will realize that is not only about adopting, there is a structure that is being wrongfully denied to a minority. I find that the main problem is that religion is allowed to come into play in this matter, and obviously it has made this issue a much more complex one. For me is as simple as this, if i can get married even though i don't believe in any religion, why should marriage be denied to gay couples because of what religion thinks about it?

Eddy Ballester said...

I cant help but laugh at the ignorance the government shows when it comes to same sex marriage. The government will let anyone over the age of 18 walk into a gas station and buy as many packs of cigarettes they want and basically kill themselves yet won’t allow two people of the same sex marry each other? It makes no sense to me and is another reason why I never get into politics. Seriously, Who cares? It just goes to show how many nosy people we are surrounded by. I can care less what people do behind closed doors. I can understand gay people getting upet over this for only 1 reason and that’s tax purposes. That is the one and only difference that really matters. Just because you don’t have a piece of paper stating your legally married to someone does not mean you can’t be with them so I can’t help but not care when I see gay people going crazy over this issue.

Christopher Labora said...

First and foremost, I believe that same sex marriage is as constitutional as our rights in the first amendment. I find it grossly inappropriate that some Americans would even consider putting a limitation on who is allowed to marry in this country solely based on their sexual orientation. Whether or not this ban on gay marriage is blatantly homophobic and founded on an underlying religious agenda it is still discriminatory and therefore extremely un-American and unconstitutional. It is wrong for other Americans to shove their personal belief and agendas unto other Americans by preventing something as sacred as marriage. It is ridiculous that there are still some people in this day and age that would act like that. I’m glad that a federal appeals court panel in California ruled that a voter-approved ban on same-sex marriage in California violated the Constitution. I am grateful to live in a country with a series of checks and balances that truly works, because it would be an abomination to our fore fathers if a law like this, that clearly discriminates against people of a certain orientation, was passed. Questioning the right of two people to marry based on attributes such as ethnicity or sexual orientation is something that is continually occurring. If we look back 45 years ago in Virginia the first state marriage law to be invalidated was the miscegenation law in Loving v Virginia (1967). The same way this law was invalidated because of its obvious infringement with 'the fundamental freedom' of marriage Proposition 8 and other laws, federal or state, are equally unjustified and should be overturned. Who is to say that a country founded on a group of people seeking freedom in their beliefs has the right to turn it's back on such values that brought it together as a nation in the first place.

Darnell Jean-Marie said...

Many people disagree with same sex marriage. My opinion is that if two people of the same sex love each other than let them be happy together. I dont know why other people want to get involved in other peoples feelings. Tradition and religion has made people believe that this idea is absurd and disgusting but even if politics get into the mix and band same sex marriage thats still not going to change the fact that these people are still going to be together. I dont know why some people want to make it there problem to stop gay marriage when its none of their business and it doesnt even effect their lives. People should have the right to choose and love who ever they want to be with.

Erik Montes de Oca said...

My opinion on the topic at hand is, that homosexual couples should have the same rights to marry as straight couples. The preference of their partner should have no bias on anyone's decision to be with who they want. Just because someone is homosexual doesn't mean that they will disrupt or destroy our societies " good values ". My opinion is homosexual couples who start families or get married understand the values of this union and don't take for granted the rights given to them which in turn makes them responsible parents and respectful partners. I know that not all homosexuals that are married or have kids live healthy, responsible lives but the majority do because they understand how precious thier situation is to them versus your traditional straight couples who take for granted their situations, where we have issues in our society such as domestic violence, irresponsible parents etc. Finally, the situation going on in California Is mainly due to relgious conservatives who can't put religion to the side and put themselves in another persons shoes and feel compassion for other people's preferences.

J.Ortiz said...

I believe that in the bible, gay marriage didn't exist, but I am not against it. If two people from the same sex are happy and love each other, I don't think the law should stop them from getting married and living a happy life together. In a way i am glad that the lawmakers and the governor are working to bring marriage equality to the states. This bill will help gay and lesbian families to be even stronger. Without marriage, gay and lesbian people are 2nd-class citizens. For too long, gay and lesbian people have been bullied and that sad bullying has to stop. Bullying gay and lesbian people is unfair and unethical. We have to help all of our citizens to have full equality, and my family is glad to see that Washington state is taking these steps to help gay and lesbian families. In the end of the day we are all humans and are all the same.

Tara Tona said...

The gay rights debate seems to define the zeitgeist of our generation's social discourse. The prejudice, anger, fear, and intense emotion towards the debate is akin to that found in the witch trials of Salem Mass. in the late 1600's, to the slave days of early America, and to the days of '50's and 60's black segregation. Granted, the gay rights issue is less intense than those horrific eras in our history, but still similar. It's about people being intolerant of other people. That's it, in its simplest and purest definition. Intolerance. Forget the politics, forget the religious implications, and forget about whether it is "right" or "wrong" to be gay. If we can strip away all the cultural mores and bullshit, then we can view it from a TRUE human rights view point. And then the answer should be crystal clear.

*Regarding whether gay people should be allowed to adopt children...
Writer Dan Savage, (who with his gay partner have an adopted boy) gave an enlightening account on This American Life of how his young son began to deal with sexuality--proving, at least in their case, that having two gay men as parents does NOT have adverse affects on a child.