Tuesday, March 12, 2013

let's have the introduction to the paper ready for next week

Some tips:

1- Write a clear and concise opening sentence. In philosophy papers, the opening sentence should not be cliché, and it should not be making a general statement about philosophy. The majority of philosophy papers are making an argument, so start your first paragraph with the phrase: "In this paper, I will argue that..." This opening sentence is also known as your thesis statement, which is a statement that summarizes your main argument or purpose for writing the paper.

2-  Write a brief description of all the main points you will make in your philosophy essay. Your essay will probably have about two or three main points that are being used to prove your argument. Write about a sentence for each point in your introduction.

3- You want to explain the opposing POV. If you are pro-life, this is the time to explain which argument of the pro-choice debate you will tackle. You don't have to argue yet. This is just an introduction. Your job is to advance what is going to happen so far (it can be changed later if you want). In other words, you are giving the reader a taste of what you will do later. 

4-  Proofread the opening paragraphs. Make sure your introduction clearly explains the points you make in your paper.