Thursday, January 8, 2015

recipe for a small planet (from nytimes)

two new earth-like planets have been discovered, adding more to a distinguished list (see above).


1 cup magnesium 1 cup silicon 2 cups iron 2 cups oxygen ½ teaspoon aluminum ½ teaspoon nickel ½ teaspoon calcium ¼ teaspoon sulfur 1 dash of water, delivered by asteroids


Blend well in a large bowl. Do not over mix.
With your hands, shape the mixture into a round ball and place it neatly into the habitable zone around a young star.
Heat until the mixture becomes a white hot glowing ball. Bake for a few million years.
Cool until color changes from white to yellow to red and a golden-brown crust forms.
The ball should not give off light anymore.
Season with a dash of water and organic compounds.
It will shrink a bit as steam escapes and clouds and oceans form.
Stand back and wait a few more million years to see what happens.
 If you are lucky, a thin frosting of life may appear on the surface of your new world.

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Anonymous said...

You have to make sure that you don't over heat it. So bake it for only a few million years, then in the afterlife. Take it out and enjoy it!