Friday, January 23, 2015

thinking wayyyyyy out of the box

my last evaluation from
If you are able to think wayyyyyyyyy out of the box, then this class is for you. If not, don't expect to pass this class with more than a C. He'll offer to help but he's also very demanding. Be prepared to be frustrated with the final paper.
(she got a C)

this is an honest evaluation, if not a bit obscure. so, by her own admission, she not able to think wayyyyyy out of the box.

but i think she did!

the box is there & the space outside it too (as we know space is relative to viewpoint). if you acknowledge you are wayyyyyy out, you are better off than way, since you still have the box as reference and way as a past-point. isn't that cool?

finally, i love her advice: "be prepared to be frustrated". in life, this is a precious tip.

whoever you are: thank you. 

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