Tuesday, October 6, 2015

key to abbreviations in grading your discussion assignment

P: proper prefacing the paragraph. remember transitional phrases.

+Arg: The paragraph needs a better or more substantive argument. In general what is written could be said better.

Sx: syntax issues: run-on sentences, sentence fragments, rambling sentences

Relevance: Relevance, some sort of problem with what has been said that needs correction.

Usage: ways in which words are used needs attention

Grammar:  whether sentence construction, punctuation, subject-verb agreement, misplaced modifiers/split Infinitives, mixed construction.

C/D: too many citations and sources, very little discussion, a red flag for plagiarism.

Coll: Too colloquial a style.  

Red.: Redundant sentence, the point is too repetitive.  

Coherence: there is a problem with the internal thread, sentences are disparate, tackling too much in too little space, the argument doesn't follow, etc.

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