Friday, February 26, 2016

List of student assistants (HONORS CLASSES)

Interamerican Campus 

Ivette Castro-Prieto
Gabriela Herrera
Carlos de la Torre
Mario Álvarez

Wolfson Campus 

MWF 10 AM 
Aidin Alejo
Thomas Thielen (?)
Laura Campos
Stephanie Elmir

Estefany Lopez
Mark Goldberg
Jesus Cruz
Yonah Elorza
Luiza Martinez
Jessica Garcia

A student assistant is a person who help his/her classmates. How? a- counseling how to study for the upcoming midterm exam, b- coordinating a phi 2010 review, c- telling as tudent how to execute this or that, d- advising with the final paper, i.e., helping his/her classmates to pass the class and learn the love for philosophy. 

Qualifications: A student assistant is a [B+ - A+] achiever. 
Return? a- status! (you're a role model) b- prestige (it looks good in your resume), c- your professor's unequivocal advocacy (yes, I write good letters of recommendation), x-tra points (as if you needed them ;=)

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