Friday, February 26, 2016

List of Student Assistants (REGULAR non-honors CLASSES)

T,R 9:50am

Jaime Duque
Gabriela Franco
Jeremiah Duhart
Juan Oramas

T,R 11:15am

Katerina Golubev
Nicole Zambrano
Bayardo Lopez
Sebastian Shironoshita

T, 5:40pm

Kelvin Amaya
Benjamin Alveo
Geoffry Robbins

A student assistant is a person who help his/her classmates. How? a- counseling how to study for the upcoming midterm exam, b- coordinating a phi 2010 review, c- telling as tudent how to execute this or that, d- advising with the final paper, i.e., helping his/her classmates to pass the class and learn the love for philosophy. 

Qualifications: A student assistant is a [B+ - A+] achiever. 
Returns? a- status! (you're a role model) b- prestige (it looks good in your resume), c- your professor's explicit advocacy (yes, I write good letters of recommendation), x-tra points (as if you needed them ;=)

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