Monday, April 9, 2012

Final paper (guidelines)

Our final paper is simple. 1,000 words, double spaced, spelled-checked, word-processed.

Topic: "My personal struggle with philosophy."

Suggested narrative: I'd like you to explore your personal interaction with philosophy throughout the semester. This paper can be done in the form of a personal narrative. Let me suggest a few ideas, you may follow them or expand on them: 1- what has been the most difficult or interesting topics, 2- describe your personal reaction to various themes, 3- try to articulate your own discoveries, if any, 3- what have you learned? 4- are there topics you think you may need to look on your own? 5- now that you have a general idea of philosophy, what do you think of the discipline? 6- what's your experience during this learning process? 7- do you feel a change in your outlook of the problems we've studied?

If you have any questions, post them here. 

This paper is due on our final exam date.    


Anonymous said...

When is it due?

atRifF said...

The day of your Final Exam.