Wednesday, October 1, 2014

list of student assistants for all PHI 2010 classes

MWF 9am
Ciara Albury
Esaie Jean Charles
Audi Laguerre
Amanda Torres

MWF 10am
Liz Amor
Jonathan Valdes
Diana Regalado
Ariel Canino

TR 9:50am
Ziqi Wang
Sarah Telemaque
Patricia Suarez
Diego Garcia

TR 11:15am
Rut Silva
Brandon regalado
Melany Dasilva

T 5:40pm
Viviana Banaszak
Sebastian Game
Damian Flores
Ana Maria Toaca
Athina James

student assistants are supposed to help the class with homework, information about assignments, questions about concepts, etc, & if possible, organize a review before exams. i've had student assistants organize a group of students and help them review material (this is the best kind of help i can think of and i'll definitely reward it).

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