Monday, October 6, 2014

problems with your submission so far...

these are some of the problems i've found,

1- you've researched very little and it shows. without conscientious research you cannot put together a good paper.
2- your counters are generally flimsy, many showing bias, which is not good in principle. remember: your paper is as good as the counters you present!
3- avoid too many points and arguments,  for a 1,500 words you have to maximize the best arguments and counters. prioritize your best arguments!
4- say things clearly! read it out loud and see if you understand what you've written. the art of argumentation is about clarity and elegance.


excessive superfluous wordiness (use more sentences instead of long prepositional phrases),
tedious repetition (begging the question)
vagueness in your statement (beating around the bush)
hyperbole (big words don't mean a thing),
emotional outbursts,
belittling your counter, instead of proving it wrong is a form of ad hominem.

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