Tuesday, February 10, 2015

phi 2010 list of student/assistants!

phi 2010 honors (interamerican campus) m,w 1pm campus

rene esusy
stephanie galdeano
adrian gonzalez
beatriz vega

phi 2010 honors (wolfson) m,w,f 10am

cassandra doll
miles bryant
juan villabona
sarah joseph-alexandre
lorena cabral-nuñez

phi 2010 honors (wolfson) m,w,f 11am

yasmin arias
orlando ferrer
vivian ferro
irma miyar
daniela rangel
juan valdes

phi 2010 (wolfson) t,r 11:15am

angel martelo
derlin martinez
taga turnier

phi 2010 (wolfson) t,r 9:50am

cristopher acevedo
jacob grohoski
jeronimo martinez
marcus rodriguez

phi 2010 (wolfson) t, 5:40pm

julex saint-vil
juan padilla
julia wirmola
anthony prats


what's a student assistant (SA)? someone able to communicate and interact positively and effectively with you. SA possess sound judgment and strong organizational skills. they speak, read and write english fluently. SA are benevolent, hard working and altruistic. i'm proud to have them.

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Angel M said...

Angel Martelo from the Tues & Thurs 11:15AM-12:30PM class.

I have found it that getting together with other students help, hardcore procrastinators like myself(I'm typing this at 3 in the morning while still finishing my homework for class this morning), a good deal in actually learning class material and preparing well for exams ahead of time, which overall usually results in higher grades and sometimes even remembering certain things long after you're done with the course.

That being said, I'm free from Monday to Friday, anytime after 12:30PM.

My number is 786 286 6339, feel free to text, call, or leave me a voicemail with your name, and available times so that a study group can be worked out and whatnot.

So... yeah, basically hit me up