Wednesday, January 24, 2018

your education impasse (for all my classes)

dear student: you want to be educated. i know that. now, what's the your best education?

clearly not what you consider it to be right now. the reason is you're young & don't necessarily know what you may need in the future. & since this is your time to be educated take advantage of it!

i say your best education is the whole basic education you deserve for your future. & what's that? a minimum knowledge of the world, which includes theoretical and practical knowledge.

yes, there is theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge. i know many of you go for service-related professions (keep in mind that some of these professions may not be as well-paid as more technical ones, and they are less prestigious), but that's OK.

you want to be a mechanic? that's practical knowledge, god bless u! but don't neglect math or physics or chem or BIO, you actually need them for your mechanics! OR you want to be a lawyer and you are told lawyers don't need physics, or BIO, or chemistry? it turns you're not only a lawyer, you'll be a father, telling your daughter about physics or BIO chemistry or an brother, stimulating your young sister to go for BioChem.

imagine the following pathetic exchange:

"dad, what is physics?" "don't know bb. daddy is a lawyer. he doesn't need physics for his profession."


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