Thursday, September 27, 2012

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Justine Pezet said...

It is shocking to find out that slavery is still going on in the world after everything we been through in history. After reading all the percentages on the pie chart it is more than obvious that this is a world wide growing issue, children are being abused and exploited, and forced to do things that are beyond our imagination. This is a wake up call, even though it is hard to realize this is going on even in our own neighborhoods, we must take it in consideration and practice our human duty. Think about those girls and boys that will never have a future, human rights or freedom of speech, because they are being sexually abused, sold, killed and overworked in sweatshops. The most important thing is to get informed and pass the knowledge along, circulate information to create awareness. One way to hit the core of exploitation is to make sure the children of our community are getting an education, this will improve our future societies in many ways. A well educated society will find a way out of crime and poverty, while upbringing good values, more unified families, security and prosperity.
Justine Pezet

Loretta Williamson said...

Loretta Thompkins
Prof. Perez-Triff
Philosophy 2010
29 September 2012

The human-traffic pandemic. Can we do something about it?
The post on Asia graves has left me in pure discussed. These types of trafficking on under aged children are inexcusable in any country, whether it’s in the United States or a third world country. This type of adult who preys on innocent children who cannot defend themselves is sick and mental disturbed. For example, in the beginning on this year, there was information sent out on everyone’s Facebook, asking for support for the capture of a lunatic in Ugandan Africa, named Joseph Kony. Kony was or is on the top of the FBI most wanted list. Because this man created an army of grown men who abducted babies right out of there parent homes for over 20 years. I used the phase babies because that’s what they were; these children were 4 to 6 year of age, both boys and girls. The boys were taught to kill and mutilate their parents and other innocent adults. Furthermore, Kony and his army of men were raping the little girls and training them to be sex slaves. So, when I read about these types of trafficking on innocent children in any form or in any country it makes me mad. I fear for my 4 year old granddaughter and other children in this type of world. But mostly for the invisible children all over the world that is put into these types of situation every day, it sad. Yes I agree most of these crimes are based on supremacy and greed. Something must be done to eliminate these illegal corruptions on our innocent.

Anonymous said...

Dexter Peralta
Phi 2010 TR

The human trafficking pandemic has become ridiculously huge, and the fact that it’s not just happening in some country god knows where, but that its happening in our own back yard is disgusting. The human trafficking pandemic is a result of social poverty. People not being able to put food on the table or not being able to provide for their family and this has been going around for quite some time now, mostly now because of these tough economic times that the entire world if facing. But who should be held responsible? The rich? No. Society? Partially. The government? Mostly. There is this notion in the world that the reason why someone is poor is because others are wealthy. It’s not about you make more or you make less it’s about personal responsibility and it’s about living within your own means. If you make 200 dollars a week you should buy a 300 dollar pair of shoes. You can’t spend what you don’t have and you shouldn’t wait for the government to give you a handout, you should demand for a job. The government has failed its people in providing jobs; they have put social issues before economic issues. I’m not saying social issues aren’t important, I’m just saying that they shouldn’t be the number 1 priority, especially when unemployment is at 8% and in some countries 25%. Governments would rather protect trees or save a plant, than to let companies build a factory that creates jobs. Yes the government should protect the environment to a certain extent, like not allowing the dumping of hazardous waste or something very harmful to humans and the environment. But cutting down trees shouldn’t impede job creation. Saving a tree doesn’t feed a family, it doesn’t put a roof over their head and it sure doesn’t pay the bills. Another contributor to social poverty is society, us. We have become cold people, we have become too engulfed with our own problems that we don’t look around to see the problems of others which sometimes are worst than others. But this lack of compassion seems to be mostly in big cosmopolitan cities and countries. I travel every year to Nicaragua and the people they aren’t extremely poor but they’re not billionaires either. There everyone does whatever it takes to help someone, no matter if you rich or poor they help. If you’re hungry they give you food if you’re homeless they take you in, these countries that we call the third world are more human than we are, they still help people even if it’s with the littlest thing they help. This pandemic is a problem and it takes not only the government but also society to make this change.

Stephanie Moshe said...

Human trafficking has always been a popular thing in the world and over the years it has greatly increased. With all the killings happening overseas, children are left on their own and do anything to make a living; most of the time they get themselves in big trouble such as dealing drugs, selling their bodies, and committing crimes. In Asia human trafficking has always been a part of their lives and some believe that it's normal; the children are exposed to it and don't know otherwise but a majority of them realize that what is done to them isn't right when they get older and they try to escape that horrific life. The people in charge of this "business" have no heart and they are all selfish. Everyone should educate themselves on this matter and try to stop it because it's increasing every day.

Anonymous said...

It is really sad how big human trafficking has grown to. What makes this even more heart breaking is the age that it all begins. It is disgusting what these people in control drive their “workers” to do. The people in charge of this probably had a bad childhood that left them with the want to treat others like they do in all kinds of trafficking. I believe that it can end with knowledge. Even though we may not be able to reach overseas unless we do a mission trip of some sort, we can educate those around us now. Be on the look out for troubled kids and families. I would join a big sister big brother club to get involved personally with these kids. Even college students can somehow be involved with this pandemic. Treat those around you nicely. Say hello and even a kind “how are you” can make a difference.

-Karly Sandoval

Anonymous said...

Rhina M. Lara
PHI2010 TR

Frankly, the fact that human trafficking is still going on does not really surprise me. I believe the majority of people are aware that human sex slaves still exist (Hollywood continues to make movies, such as Taken, that deal with human trafficking), but tend to ignore it, thinking it is a phenomenon that happens far away from them. Clearly, this is not the case. As stated, this is happening in our own backyards! How can a country that is known for its equality and freedoms not put more emphasis on this horror? I believe that the first step to reducing and eventually eliminating this exploitation is to inform the populace. We can no longer brush this issue under the carpet; we must expose it and discuss it. We must educate the new generations so that they can see the wrong in these actions. It really is incredible that even though we are taught to treat others how we’d like to be treated, we still abuse of our own kind in this manner. It is inhumane, and disgusting that human beings can be this evil, inconsiderate, and cruel.

Anonymous said...

Human trafficking has been a part of this world for years, and has increased greatly. It is sad to think that we as human beings have the capability to do such an act. Children, little boys and girl, and even grown women fall into or are forced on this road of slavery. They are abused, mistreated, and exploited. Unfortunately, these victims, often, will stay in this and have no chance of a future or the freedom to live, and the cycle goes on and on. That is the sad reality of this situation. I’d say one aspect of exposing the act of human trafficking is creating an environment where individuals can attain knowledge and have the ability to act and do something about it.
Emma del Rey

Anonymous said...

Cristian Canales

It’s depressing to hear or see just how far this human trafficking pandemic has gone. From being not just worldwide but for it to be happening in our very own back yard! It is just outrageous. Just the mere thought of forcing children as early as eight to fourteen years of age being forced for your own pleasure or for whatever so called “needed purposes” people might have in just wrong! Children of such age should not be put through these types of issues such as dealing with drugs, selling their bodies, becoming suicide bombers, etc. They deserve an opportunity just as like us to make something out of their lives and not be brought up in those miserable situations. In my opinion one of the few ways that perhaps we might be able to do something about it is by first beginning with our very own back yard. Cleaning up our mess first can be the first to improving and making sure that this human traffic epidemic will perhaps someday stop.

Mariana Racovita said...

Mariana Racovita
PHI TR 9.50am

Asia Graves

It is sad that even in these days, 2012 we still have slavery in all the aspects. What’s even worst is the fact that the majority of us are ignorant to such a problem that is happening “in our backyard” and that this problem is radically increasing. What a paradox to live in a country that is supposedly “ the land of the free and the home of the brave” and we have this major issues. It is true that this is happening all over the world not just here in the US.
But what can we do to eradicate this situation that is taking place especially in the poor countries and/or families. My opinion is that it is all about education; family education and academic education. Family plays a very important role in the life of the children which personality’s is developed in the first 7 years of life. I truly believe that a child needs lots of affection, needs to be loved, needs to know that they matter, that they are important for their parents and for the society. If this aspect has issues children will start to create a distance between them and their parents and everything can entice them easily. Also children need good role models in their life, models that worked their way up; that are now successful, have a considerate income and are going to work with a smile on their face. Children have to realize that they can have it all in time and with patience. Another big problem that our society has is the superficiality that covers our true colors; the stupid idea that you must have money in order to matter. There is a very wrong mentality in nowadays society: that once you have money you can have everything else( have- do- be) which blows up the mind of every teenager. I totally disagree with this; I think that fist, you have to be-do- have; be successful and you will have money, be happy and you will have friends and the perfect family.

Anonymous said...

Nicholle Barquero
PHI2010 –9:50AM T R
Human trafficking is happening on a large scale not only in the US but in countries around the world.
The horrible events Asia Graves witnessed and had to experience are surreal and completely awful.
I feel that no human being should have to go through that and experience horrible, awful events such as Asia has.
The government should really put in place a system to help these girls. Clearly family issues at home and poor backgrounds are playing a huge role in the situations they’re put in hence somebody luring them and exploiting these young girls.
Overall this article is extremely disturbing. That fact that Asia had to go through that experience is shocking.
I think it’s absolutely horrible for any girl to have to go through what Asia went through and worse.
I hope Asia’s story brings a lot of attention and awareness to human trafficking.

Sharlene. said...

Sharlene Iraheta

Human trafficking is possibly one of the worst offenses that human beings, supposed 'brethren', continue to conduct and allow (to our knowledge or not). I believe that the governments are useless when it comes to these pandemic violations of human rights. It would seem that as this is a worldwide problem our respective leaders would attempt to work together to end, or at least lessen the amount of boys and girls, men and women that are kidnapped each year and thrown into human trafficking. Yes, they maybe working to lessen these numbers, but it is not cohesive. What can be done?

I have to agree with what was said in class, we should start trying to fix this problem here at home before going for an all out 'world change' concept. When purchasing a person's work, such as a cleaning lady, we should not undervalue the cost of the work. If a person isn't sure of how much to pay the hired cleaner, perhaps they should try cleaning each inch of their house/apartment themselves. Understanding the level of work and time required for a cleaning lady is important, there are standards to be met, if they want the customer's payment. If the owner of the house does not want to clean their own mess up, it seems only right to pay a fair price.

I'm struggling with other ideas that could help with the human trafficking problem. It's not as simple as a step 1, step 2, step 3. There is no way to end human trafficking, just like there is no way to end horrific murders; evil people will always exist. Let's say we go so far as teaching children in elementary school about humanism, a concept that many adults still fail to understand, but perhaps the children adapt to the concept better than an adult. Let's say they understand the importance of interests, needs, and welfare of humans; how does it help stop human trafficking in our present time? It doesn't. Teaching children or teens about humanism does not ensure that there will only be peaceful, thoughtful, nonviolent teenagers that will grow into adults with the same qualities.

linda baez said...

Similar to any part of the world, many countries have a specialization in production of certain products. It is extremely sad to say that in many countries, human trafficking has become their key commodity. The correct approach is to attempt to appeal to the human sense of morality, if the world demonizes human trafficking, in a similar manner to the methods used for cigarretes, then perhaps we as a country can put a dent in these staggering numbers, the key to a campaign of this magnitude is ti be multi-dimensional, utilizing a combination of public education of both young and old, using a top to bottom approach in which publicfigures take the lead by promoting morality and promoting a strong family unit.

Frances Janvier said...

Overall, I find this article very disturbing. It just so sad to read how far human trafficking has gone. Like in our class discussion, we should truly start from the household instead of attacking it where it has already gone wrong. I can not fathom the thoughts of knowing someone to be kidnapped and put to work in such a cruel predicament. It saddens my heart to read this article because it’s happening in our own backyards. The governments may be doing some part in trying to lessen the epidemic, but surely this hideous act is overpowering them. Human trafficking will never cease to exist I believe because there are evil people out there and they will continue to influence others and condition their minds that this is something that is normal. No one should have to undergo this, especially children to satisfy the pleasure of these sick minded people.

Anonymous said...



Ana Federica Nava said...

Indeed, to put a stop to this madness -to say the least-, we, as a whole, must attempt to target the very core of the problem. Stopping such an issue does not simply rely in increasing the number of law enforcers and undergoing operations towards human trafficking cases, but to actually attack the source and seed of this evil: change the world. Impossible it sounds, but needed it is. It is something that we say every day but never seem to achieve or some, to even start to. Working as a whole, as individual communities that are all eventually related, we should put more effort into increasing pro-morals, pro-ethics, and pro-education atmospheres to the point where every person is aware that there are opportunities and that there is a right and there is a wrong. The issue is that criminals do not suddenly become criminals, they are raised as such or to become such. Putting a brake to this requires changing people's ideals and values about so many things that it does not even compare to the amount of people that need the help. There are ridiculous amounts of humans that are born in criminal-like, violent environments that not only create monsters, but incite a way of living that does not require values for self or others but ambition of power at whatever cost and no consequence.

Perhaps governments shouldn't focus so much into trying to fix foreign issues and power-growth relative to others, but rather concentrate its forces and resources into making a better country, better communities, better facilities for every person, unlimited opportunities and zero-violence. But of course this is almost utopia, and we are not just far but against living like this. Trying, on the other hand, should bring optimal results in the way.

- Ana Federica Nava

michelina d'aquaro said...

The world in which we live has always found overrun with problems, most caused by people who like easy money and get it through illegal activities. Human trafficking has always existed and is still considered existing in the 21st century even though we have organizations responsible for ensuring our rights. In my opinion I found an aberrated act that some people subject their victims to work or live a life that they do not want, deprive them of their freedom, convince them to sell their bodies, kill or other related activity especially with children who are very influenced individuals and are unclear about what they want. Most of these cases are part of the poor class because of its condition and little education do not see another way. If we want the world to change we have to start changing it ourselves being more fair and considerate of the people around us.

Eliana Arita said...

Human trafficking to me is a very disturbing issue. Many people are unaware of it happening in the United States. What I find most disturbing is the percentage of women and children exploited, which leads me to this question, are the exploiters mostly men? The education of the U.S. compared to third world countries does not seem to hinder the exploitation taking place in this very country, yet the exploiters seem to be more cautious of how they choose to go about doing their business. This would address the question of why many people seem to be unaware of the facts. Exploiters seem to be the type of people who seek out the weak, children can easily be influenced, and women are still not given complete equal treatment in the work field and in terms of other social circumstances. It’s an act that completely disregards another being, if it’s increasing and also in our very own country, it says a lot about the type of mentality that some people are finding acceptable to have and project. We as a society need to reflect on our day to day attitudes in terms of coexistence, what are the contributing factors to these exploitation cases?
-Eliana Arita

Nelson Gaitan said...

It’s amazing what greed does to people. How can anyone have the heart to do that to another human being sell them like their an object. It’s really sad that this still happens and this isn't something that’s easy to stop. I feel that part of the reason this has gotten so bad is that there has to be people in on it allowing this to happen there’s just no way they can do this all on their own and get away with it, I know government tires to do all It can but, this isn’t something that can solved over night. I agree with everyone on here saying that the best way to help is through education and awareness . I feel education helps us understand the world better and have a better understanding towards one another so things like this wouldn’t happen. Everybody needs to be aware what happens in the world not just in our country

Marina Varivoda said...
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Marina Varivoda said...

Human trafficking is a form of modern day slavery, and it exists in every region of the world and in all types of industries. Unfortunately the numbers of kidnapped and sexually abused girls, boys and young woman are on the rise. Including the US. In 2005 a 15 years old runaway from upstate New York was sold and forced to perform sexual acts while imprisoned in Queens basement. In other cases girls are drugged or abducted and simply disappear. Their phones confiscated; they kept isolated from anyone who may be able to help. Once the girls are taken finding them is almost impossible. These facts are terrifying and heartbreaking. In 2010 at least 30 girls were forced into marriage usually to middle-aged men. Five of the girls were between ages 5 and 11. The oldest were 16 (no, this didn’t happen in some third world country, this took place in England, Ellington!).
People are used, treated as objects to make our life easier or more pleasurable. We all participate in the system. Logos like “keep labor cost low” are just a few steps down to enslaved labor (often workers might get paid not in wages, but in food and shelter). Even if we don’t pay for sex – our cheap produce was picked by slaves (including coffee and chocolate), our clothes were sewn by slaves in sweetshops, ets, There are a few basic things we can do to start fighting human trafficking and exploitation: 1. Be a responsible customer - buy only fairly traded clothing and food (this way you will support with your dollars only businesses where employees treated and paid fairly). 2. Support charity for education-lack of education, family support, economic and social issues, poverty are common reasons why young women ending up walking the streets controlled by pimps and drug-dealers. 3. Become informed and inform your family and loved ones; develop social services. …Nothing is too late if we truly care…Each and every one of us must have faith, courage, effort and determination to STOP it…

Anonymous said...

Just the idea of human trafficking is awful, now living being force to work in mines and farms, women and girls trapped in the sex trade, force to domestic service. I think that this is the most disturbing thing in the world. Human trafficking separates and kills entries families in order to use one or some members of the family for human trafficking especially the kids that are worthed more and this is not right not kid or adult has to be an slave of any kind. In my opinion we need more education more campaigns to educate people, because if everyone has knowledge about human trafficking we can have a better society

Cindy Castro

Anonymous said...

Why does it happen? It’s all about power!
It is incredible to see how these inhuman and cruel people can be harming others without realizing that they are throwing the world down the hill. They are destroying our communities little by little without knowing that they are damaging their own lives. Sexually abusing, exploiting, selling human organs and killing individuals? Is this something that is in fashion or something? What is the whole point of creating a massive harm in the world? Is it all about who has the most money and power? Are they going to take any of these with them after they die? This is definitely not God’s will. But, in order for others to change, we, as you and I, need to start looking ourselves in the mirror too. We might not know how to shoot a gun, but aren’t we sometimes cruel and inhuman to others? I think we are just too selfish by thinking only about ourselves and these is what is destroying us!
Jennifer Claussen

Anonymous said...

It's really horrible, how they kidnapped little kids to use them for prostitution, trained them as terrorists, killers, and torturers. It is so sad how they are doing something out of their free will because they are being forced. One thing that caught my attention is human trafficking is increasing and the children are lacking education, opportunities, social connection and other important things that's affecting them and their lives in the future.
-Renette Charles

Felipe Juncadela said...

I don’t think the Human-traffic pandemic will ever subside. There is too big of a supply and demand to bring down the whole market. I believe that trying to stop it will just be a losing battle. The majority of our focus and power should be guided the advancement in education and opportunities for people of any race, ethnicity and, economic standing. The Improvement of quality of life will drive those people that are vulnerable, or being oppressed to be able to get out from under that Rock, and create a greater future for them selves and ultimately for the generations to come. The saying goes “give a man a fish, feed him for the day. Teach a man how to fish feed him for life.” If we teach the man (in this case different groups of people) to fish, he no longer needs to beg for food. Which will remove him from a spot of vulnerability. Even though this only covers a portion of the problem it’s a solution that could eliminate the cases that deal with people being in the position where they are forced into being a domestic worker.

Felipe Juncadella

Andy Z said...

Human trafficking at the time might appear as the elephant in the room at some households or conversation between friends. Not to stereotype, between the group of macho men. While the majority of people is disgusted with the idea of the prostitution or some, all of us at some point have witnessed and done nothing to prevent it. Driving home after the nightclub or driving to work early in the morning, I am sure many people have seen prostitutes on the streets or might even witnessed having them picked up. One looks, thinks about it and continues going his own way. Perhaps we should take action right there and call the police that you have seen prostitute on the street or such. None of us knows if she/he is doing it for pleasure, money, is forced to do so? Do we ever question if one is forced to do something? Maybe making a call to cops would save someone’s life. What if she is a 14 years old girl as in article about the girl from Houston? We don’t think about it but feel sorry after the fact. Various government institutions should be involved in this serious matter; however, it is unfortunately not the priority for the bureaucratic officials. If education would not be so expensive, perhaps those poor human being would find a better way to make ones needs by educating themselves. We see posters about “Quit Smoking Today” but we don’t see to many posters about “Help for Forced Labor Workers” or something like this to adverse that there is a way to reach a better life.

Leslie Decius said...

Human trafficking is a feeling that no human being on earth should feel, an experience no man should ever have to experience. Being hopeless, fearful, distraught and battered and treated worse than the scum at the bottom of your shoe can be to some unimaginable. Every year, hundreds and thousands of men, women and children fall into the hands of traffickers, either in their own countries or away. I am ashamed to say that these helpless people such as Asia often suffer from a great deal of physical and psychological health problems. Problems that are almost impossible to cure. Human trafficking is an epidemic growing at an unthinkable rate across the entire world. It is the kidnapping and selling of human beings as sex slaves. Heartless criminals through this inhumane practice, deprive these people of their national born rights. We see the statistics of people trafficked every year, we also see the harmful effects it has on people and so we as society must understand the call to action that it necessary and act on it!

Anonymous said...

Kelly Escobar
PHI2010 TR

The human-traffic pandemic
It is a moral and social worldwide problem, there are influential people and hundreds of billions of dollars are at stake. It is an ineradicable evil, because this "business" is managed by members of government and police officials. It is an industry driven from the highest levels of society, where corruption is the motto.

How can we eradicate this evil? It is very difficult, almost impossible. Combating human traffic requires a broad response of nongovernmental groups in areas such as human rights, labor and employment, health services, and in partnership with the forced implementation of the law. And if we educate future generations, if we offer more knowledge and capabilities to face life with dignity, also if children are educated on the subject in schools since they are aware, about possible threats they will face in life, and if they are taught values, love yourself, respect for the family and others, then perhaps the next generations will have a better chance at life.

Anonymous said...

Humberto Vega
TR 9:50

Asia Graves

As the times we live in progress, I feel that issues of this nature are becoming more intense and magnified. With the advances in technology this type of sexual slavery has expanded and linked various parts of the world together to continue these acts. Most people are completely ignorant to the situations these victims face, mainly because of the way our society has been structured and our preconceived ideas. The part that most disturbed me about this article was how these girls would recruit other ones in school, which I would think would be difficult but during these tough economic times I see how it could’ve been facilitated. I think the solution to a problem like this doesn’t only have to do with government interference, but more importantly in changing the outlook of these young girls in regards to life and what is important. Creating positive minds in the most negative of situations.

Anonymous said...

Its sad that this is still going on today but not surprisingly because of how the cruel the world is. But the thing is if there a market for something then its always going to be there. The police or FBI can get involved but they just might be able to stop some of them but impossible to stop all the human traffing in the world. Thats just something that we have to live in. Then there are othrer cases that woman can sell them selves for sex and sometimes on their own choice. Why they do it I dont know. 1 thing can be poverty which thre is all lot in this world and poor education also. Once again people can be helped but impossible to stop all the poverty.

Anonymous said...

Its sad that this is still going on today but not surprisingly because of how the cruel the world is. But the thing is if there a market for something then its always going to be there. The police or FBI can get involved but they just might be able to stop some of them but impossible to stop all the human traffing in the world. Thats just something that we have to live in. Then there are othrer cases that woman can sell them selves for sex and sometimes on their own choice. Why they do it I dont know. 1 thing can be poverty which thre is all lot in this world and poor education also. Once again people can be helped but impossible to stop all the poverty.

Rodolfo Saborio

Lisa Anderson said...

We can be so ignorant to the world around us the people in that world who are in pain or suffering. Why is is not our natural urge to help those around us.
But how do we do that? Where is the line between too little an too much government regulation?
And how can we help those people who are the victims of such trafficking, during, afterwards, before?
Is the solution to talk with children and inform them of all the dangers our there in the world, and when have you said to much?
However talking is not always the solution. When or where will we find the solution.
Why should we allow the children of the world to be exploited for another's evil intentions? Where do we start taking a stand, in the classroom, at home, or both?
This world has advanced to much, and come to far to be held back by this human exploitation, as well as so many other things we can't seem to allow ourselves to overcome.
Instead of asking what can the world do for me, we should all ask everyday what we could do for the world, and its people.
-Lisa Anderson

Sheila Barcelo said...

The human-traffic pandemic. Can we do something about it?
It is incredible how the human traffic pandemic has grown nowadays. Basically what this is human beings forced to work for some others. People having to work against their will, it’s exploitation against human rights. What these people have to do is nothing more than work as slaves, cleaning places, doing pornography, criminal’s activities. According to the Polaris Project, the human traffic pandemic is the third largest criminal industry. People around the world are estimated to be victims of slavery and 50% of these victims being under the age of 18. But this not only happen in the United Stated, this is a worldwide issue and each day gets bigger. As a society we should do something to stop this, let’s try to starting thinking about how to save or protect those innocent people.

Sheila Barcelo said...
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Anonymous said...

The human-traffic pandemic and the Use of children between the ages 8-14 being used for massacres or Suicide bombers aren't what shock me. It's the fact that society today has had their eyes open many times by documentaries,books and The daily news! Yet, so many people choose to ignore it. I feel that many ignore it because they feel it can never happen to them, also, the human being is an extremely selffish species and tends to only want to receive. Sometimes, society needs to gather together not only in those places but everywhere, and take action in what is right from wrong. If we are openly speaking., showing and watching the life's of children and women get destroyed daily, why haven't we done something? It's seems that the lives of celebrities and athletes are given more importance than the 38 percent of humans being used for commercial sex trafficking. We not be able to stop it all but if we just put an initial effort we can reduce the percentages by much. The slightest bit in this issue always counts.
Gabriella Becerrill

Pri Shirley said...

The human-traffic pandemic. can we do something about it?

Human trafficking has been around for a while now, and there are people abused walking around us yet we don’t notice. I just think it has to do a lot with how we can stop it. If it has been around for a while, then we have not taken the right steps to stop it. Our society knows that human trafficking is still active. There are always news or even movies based on this topic (Taken, Trade, The Whistleblower). It really takes responsibility on us as a society and also the government. There is always some type of abuse of power of one person over another, also known as exploitation. But the scary part is the exploitation that may be going on in our own circle of friends and family. We have to be honest with ourselves, do we really treat fairly everyone that is around us? Not always. That why this whole problem starts with respect for ourselves. Then have to have that same respect for others. That could be the small solution for the big problem.

Priscila Cordova
TR 9:50

Pri Shirley said...
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