Monday, April 24, 2017

Important guidelines for your final draft submission (HONORS classes) pay attention!!!

Guideline for final paper:

1- You're supposed to hand the final draft on the day of the final. 

2- The draft must be stapled, no binders, no cover page. 
3- At the top left the draft:

John Doe (your name)
MWF 10am class  

4- Your draft should be written in Times New Roman point 12
paginated on the top, right hand side.
5- Title in bold (centered). 
6- Your draft must be double spaced, with a minimum of 1,200 words.
7- MLS style of citations, (all same font, same size, including online sources). 
8- Please, properly spell check your drafts.

All of these details are worth points!! 


Anonymous said...

I am glad the semester is done! He was a total b word. Can he choose tighter fitting jeans? I wanna slap him every time he wears those hobo clothes - what a poser haha!

Anonymous said...

What a disrespectful little fuck you are

Anonymous said...

When is the final for the MWF 10am Class???

Anonymous said...

Even though Triff is rude, he is one of the best professor I've ever had. He is good.

Anonymous said...

It is on Wednesday...And "little fuck," Triff dont give a fuck about what you have said, stop wasting your time with such a ridiculous comment. He is such a good professor and very well-educated. I think you will never be as good and passionate as him. You are a fucking loser.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe someone will go out of their way to be so disrespectful to the Professor. That person that made that rude comment is obviously upset they’re failing the class. Their form of expressing themselves truly shows how vulgar that person is. Instead of focusing on the class and feeling gratitude towards Professor Triff for taking time to post what’s going to be on exam, they go out of their way to post such a malicious comment. Hope you fail!
BTW- I think Professor Triff is a wonderful, passionate and knowledgeable teacher.

Anonymous said...

Triff is fucking amazing. His class was wonderful and I wish I'd had more time to invest in it. I feel like I missed out on something really wonderful due to my crazy schedule. Any ill will against Triff I curse back onto who utters such ignorant claims. Must be hard to be an incredible bafoon. I loved his tight pants and chuck Taylor's.

atRifF said...

It's fine kids, thanks for your defense of this, now, ex teacher of yours and tx as well for the offense. We all have defects don't we?

Have you all a Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

for tuesday or thursday?

Suzanne Bojorge said...

Whoever wrote that insulting comment is a coward and doest have the balls to show themselves. If you don't like Triff then you have a whole class who will disagree with you stop blaming other people and get off your ass and study. Disrespecting a professor like that is childish and immature.

Anonymous said...

How can we find out final mark for the paper and the final? Anyone knows?