Friday, April 14, 2017

my counter to cultural relativism

CR is the view that mn are culturally bounded.

CR is a theory about inconmensurability between groups. in class i propose to refute this in two different ways, via group theory in algebra or via moral naturalism.

1. one way to go is through mathematics: here's my simplified proof for group isomorphism,

2. the second way is to through natural history: hierarchies within the findings of values within a group (we learn this through anthropology, unfortunately they generally agree with CR).

a) if there are values, this presupposes a hierarchy.
b) if there is a hierarchy, some values are harder than others (hard for naturalism are those values that ensure survival). remember those values can be considered moral values, i,e. mns.
c) harder values cannot be endogenous to groups, since groups are associations of homo sapiens. harder values make HS associations possible.

harder values are common to different groups, i.e., they are intercultural.
mns are culturally interdependent. LQQD.

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